The therapy called : Art 

( A painting that i made today,  which made me realise the beauty and power of art yet again. Though this isn’t a really great one but the therepautic nature of art never fails to manifest itself 🙂 )

Because art gives you moments where you loose yourself  and learn the art of conscious living.


From shackles to wings 

( This is a painting that i made recently ) 

​When the cage is too hard to break,

That everyday is making your smile fade.

But you continue to live like that, 

Fearing the struggle that can drive you mad.

Think about the  freedom beyond that cage,

Because that will give you the strength to find a way out through this maze.

Cage is common to every being , man has always been famous for feigning.

Animal or human , who is there  that is free? 

Bound by insecurities internal and external here stand , we .

Just like the bird we all wish to be free , 

but for that shackles need to transform into wings , 

to break our self created tainted claustrophobic rings.


( A picture clicked by me recently)

Because when the road is full of stones sky gives you hope  . 

When you feel the days are getting low , just give a glance up above and you will catch sight of infinity .

 Peaking through flowers or accompanying the stars,

Holding the sun’s rays and being bird’s home to stay.

Smiling silently  at this little creature .. who is busy counting the perishable stones in his way . Ignoring the sky  who was there all the time.