Myth of trap

( A picture I had clicked trying to capture the beauty of the sky in its unreachable infinity)

Black and blue the birds flew 
sprinting and chirping they had a green hue, 

unlike you and unlike me 

From far away they could see ,

life pass by everyday thought a man sitting in his room.

The bird watched the human as it sat on the bay,

doing things in a seemingly unique way.

From the window that was a prison like divide , both of them couldn’t slay.

Their eyes met and inside were sighs they couldn’t say.

Little did they realised that both of them were soaked  in the sun’s rays . 

Pursuing quests different , which just they could get,

 but enviousness did intersect.


Rising above

( This is a picture that i had clicked recently because this one lovely sappling in  between these purple leaves was something i found intriguing)

Because when this little plant can shine  in its greenery amongst the violet leaves so can we all. Because the ugly ducklings are never ugly , they are beautiful just different from the usual.

Light and dark

( this was a pic which i had clicked sometime back and is one of my favourites as it beautifully captures the relationship of light and darkness signifying how one exists  because of the other) 

Light why is it that you always try to absorb me ?
Dark : Because when you and me are together just nobody  notices me.

Spare some time to just be

(This was a picture that i had clicked during a trip)

Because sometimes it becomes essential,
To just be and experience all things real.

To  sit back and wonder about the rain’s chatter with the ground,

About the sun’s sweet frown.

About the rythem one feels in a night’s calmness ,

About the  alluring fragrance   emanating from  flowers  so fresh.

Because sometimes it is these little moments of thoughts that turn our horizons broad .

Making us realise the trivialness of our issues and the grandeur of this  life.